Our Core Principles

1. Passionately approach our work as partners in any given project or strategy with an intentional eye toward sustainability;

2. Learn as much as we can from every experience and share those learnings to help grow and improve the field of positive youth development;

3. Comprise our project teams of the best in the industry and place our members in their natural advantage;

4. Aggressively identify and support young people who have a commitment to positive youth development and provide leadership opportunities to further nurture their passion

Our Founders

Eric Kilbride and Raul Ratcliffe met in 1995 when Raul came to Indianapolis to conduct Community YouthMapping training, while working for the Academy for Educational Development's Center for Youth Development and Policy Research.  As a result of this project the two instantly became champions of positive youth development.

In early 2000, Eric joined Raul at the Center in Washington, DC and together they brought Community YouthMapping and other positive youth development strategies to thousands of young people around the world.

In 2013, Eric and Raul formed a US-based, small business to bring the best and brightest positive youth development professionals together to more effectively and efficiently serve young people.

Marwa Mohsen, Senior Technical Advisor

Prior to joining Block by Block Consulting as a Senior Technical Advisor, Marwa Mohsen was a consultant serving many USAID-funded projects in the Middle East.  Based in Cairo, Marwa is an expert in youth development activities.  She is particularly focused on gender equity and livelihood.  She is a skilled trainer of young people and adults in many areas.