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The mission of the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), Bureau of Women’s and Children’s Health (BWCH)’s is to strengthen the family and the community by promoting and improving the health and safety of women, infants, and children. This is accomplished through the provision of community-based services and the facilitation of systems development. BWCH manages and distributes funding that provides services to reduce the mortality and morbidity among women and children, increase access to health care, and reduce health disparities.  

The Community YouthMapping (CYM) process is a youth development opportunity for young people. Young people are the key stakeholders in the planning, collection, analysis and dissemination of information in order to identify existing resources and opportunities within their communities. Youth learn new skills, interact with the community, demonstrate their ability to ensure that young people have information on resources and opportunities Adults provide technical and personal support.

BWCH is partnering with Block by Block Consulting to implement a youth mapping project in Arizona. Block by Block Consulting assists the lead agency in planning and executing a Community YouthMapping project. The lead agency creates an advisory group to assist in decision making and planning throughout the duration of the Community YouthMapping project. Block by Block, the lead agency, and the advisory group then work together to recruit and train a community youth mapping coordinator, field supervisors, and youth mappers to conduct the youth mapping.

By utilizing the principles of positive youth development, Block by Block Consulting focuses on building supportive environments for youth. They engage youth not just as participants in skills training and soft skill development, but as architects and partners in implementation. Using the CYM methodology, youth are equipped with the entrepreneurial and soft skills needed in today’s marketplace.


Implement Community YouthMapping (CYM) projects across Arizona communities to identify resources and opportunities for youth in their communities by utilizing the principles of positive youth development and incorporating meaningful engagement for youth. Based on findings from the 2014 Arizona Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, communities that experience a large number of adverse childhood events (ACEs) are encouraged to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who facilitates the training of Field Supervisors, YouthMappers and local organizations?

    Block by Block Consulting provides all of the training.  The lead organization gets a full day, onsite training early in the  

    project.  Field Supervisors and YouthMappers have two days of training before beginning the data collection.

2. Do we have to map the entire county?

    No.  You should propose to map the area you feel you can cover with the resources available.

3. What if we are from a "small" town with few resources, can we still apply?

    Yes.  Regardless of your community or organization's size, please apply if this project will benefit your youth, community and others.

4. What is the budget for this project? How much funding is available per location?

    This is what we are asking for you to tell us.  We have laid out a scope of work for each community to do.  Part of the selection criteria (25%) will be in the budget you submit, But generally between $35K-$45K.

5. What items will we use to identify YouthMappers in the community?

    It varies among communities.  Some communities will provide the YouthMappers with brightly colored T-shirts or some sort of "uniform".  Others may have the youth wear ID badges for the project.  This should be in your budget.

6. What kinds of surveys are we expected to us?  Does Block by Block Consulting have examples?

    Yes.  We have many different kinds of surveys and will match our examples to the local communities' goals.

7. What if our organization is not able, or set up to, pay the young people, can we still apply?

     Yes.  Some organizations, like local governments may not have the ability to set up temporary youth stipends.  Some organizations may not have the infrastructure to manage this part of payroll.  If an organization is selected, and cannot add YouthMappers to their payroll, Block by Block Consulting will handle those duties.

8. Our local community is spread out with no public transportation, how should we handle transporting young people to the places they will map?

    Transportation, regardless of the size and location of each community, needs to be considered.  There have been many creative ways communities in the past have dealt with this critical issue.  Your budget should reflect your needs.  This project will not buy a vehicle, but you can include costs to rent transportation, insurance, driver certifications, etc.  We will work with the selected communities to tackle this issue.

9. Does the Advisory Group need to be a new group or can it be an existing group? Do young people need to part of this group?

    The Adviory Group, who typically is comprised of local community stakeholders (local government, local non profit organizations, etc.), is a an important component of the planning and project management of this strategy.  If the responding organization has a group like this already, great.  If the organization does not, that is OK too.  Block by Block Consulting will work with all organizations to either establish or strengthen this group.

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